The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Climate Change

This is the place to learn about what’s what and why in our extensive guide to climate change. Carbon Watchdog is putting together the structure here for a climate-based knowledge base. “Don’t Panic!” would have been a good title, but this guide to climate change will leave that decision up to the reader. Like every complex issue that the public needs to understand, people’s attitudes lie on a spectrum defined by extremes at either end and the best understanding is somewhere in-between, some solid ground somewhere between panic and denial.

The Carbon Watchdog website provides information on every aspect of global warming and climate change and what we need to do to reduce it and adapt to it. There is a long way to go before this becomes the Encyclopedia Climatica” and the work to fill in the gaps will by its nature never end. It is designed to provide apolitical, non-ideological, practical information.

Definition of Carbon Footprint

The simple definition of carbon footprint: a measure usually in kilos or tonnes of the carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions that result from the person, organisation, object, service or whatever is under discussion.…

Top Proven Climate Denials for Everyday Use

Nobody asked for climate change and global warming, melting ice caps and rising sea levels. Which climate denial can you relate to? Here are my top denials, ranked by order of daftness on…

The Carbon Budget Made Simple

When student climate striker Greta Thunberg talks about “simple maths”, she means the carbon budget and how the 2015 Paris Climate Accord (and a normal 2050) is impossible under current policies. I personally…

Endorsement from Oxford energy policy researcher

Dr Tina Fawcett, Senior Researcher and Acting Deputy Leader of Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute Energy Programme, said: Personal Carbon Allowances is a framework for reducing CO2 emissions based on fairness and practicality,…

Where and when it was, is and will be bad

The Carbon Footprint of Food

Does going vegan reduce people’s personal carbon footprints, and if so, by how much? It should be obvious, but with the way agriculture and supply…

The economics of the Great Energy Transition as society weans itself off fossil fuels.


COVID-19-driven Green New Deal

There are two big “Green New Deals” on the table: the US Democrats want one and are planning to bring it in next year, assuming they can win the November election and there’s the European Green New Deal, championed by Ursula von der Leyen, the new president of the European Commission. The BBC ran an…

Australian Bushfires Crisis of 2020 demands a new Political Strategy

Photo by Jack Bassingthwaighte on Unsplash The unprecedented Australian bushfires in 2020 followed the lost 2019 ‘Unloseable Climate Election’ As we enter the new decade, Australia finds itself flooding the international headlines for all the wrong reasons. The record-breaking bushfires that began in December raged for weeks and were only fully extinguished thanks to unprecedented…

Can the World Reduce CO2 Emissions Fairly? Contraction and Convergence

Our personal CO2 emissions might be produced anywhere in the world, with the modern world’s globalised supply chains. Contraction and Convergence (of CO2 emissions) was until 2010 the basis of climate negotiations to make a fair deal between all nations for CO2 emissions reduction. It may well be again soon while the “best effort” approach…

Someone clever once said, we have space age technology, medieval society, and Palaeolithic brains. What could possibly go wrong?

The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dalai Lama, Shiva the Destroyer – they all have advice on climate change.

These tunes might pick you up when you’re feeling down about climate change.

There is always a funny side to everything – although this might be quite black.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Climate Change Miscellaneous

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