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Adam Carbon Watchdog

Adam Hardy

Author / Social Media / Web Designer

A social reformer for the fossil fuel-dependent society

I was a zoologist, a forex trader & a coder (not simultaneously).
Up until 2019 I worked for BP plc, creating systems and huge databases to help the oil industry run smoothly.

When the cognitive dissonance between BP and what I thought my life was about grew too loud, I quit and since then, I’ve run Carbon Watchdog to talk about climate change with everyone who’ll listen and the huge potential of a carbon currency backed by carbon rationing as the way to deal with it.


Carbon Watchdog

This isn’t a photo of my dog, great looking dog that it is. But if you’re still around, we could do with some help. Oh what, you’re a guard dog, not a watch dog? Yes, you can be Carbon Guard Dog instead.